This book is a detailed, comprehensive daily reference to the air operations flown by the Luftwaffe against the strategic missions flown by the United States Army Air Force to the German Reich and the western occupied zone. It is a unique look at the German air defenses as they struggled to cope with the threat posed by the American 8th and 15th Air Forces, which were charged with destroying Germany’s critical war industries and wresting control of the air over the Reich from the Luftwaffe. Link to book page on Don's website.

  • A brief synopsis and a table of statistics detailing every mission of every Luftwaffe unit defending the Greater German Reich or the western occupied zone against strategic raids by the USAAF.
  • Maps for 32 major missions showing the tracks of the bombers and every defending Luftwaffe unit, including their points of attack on the bombers.
  • 72 combat accounts by Luftwaffe pilots, most previously unpublished and all readily available in English for the first time.






Albert Leo Schlageter


Geschwader Kommandeure


Gruppen Kommandeure


Personnel Listing 1937-1945


Stab and Gruppen Bases


Airfields and Bases Maps


Battle Excerpts

12th Feb 1942 : 6th June 1944


Staffeln and Personal Emblems


Peter's article on this aircraft and it's history, and photographs of Duxford's restoration

Article by Peter Evans



Aircraft Profiles


Combat Claims and casualty Graph



Full Casualty Listings



Luftwaffe Aircraft Losses by Theatre




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