Tabulated from RLM Personalamt Abschußfilme -
Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv, Freiburg

The fifty-five Third Gruppe victory claims listed below have been obtained from microfilms recently released by the German military archives. These claims are not listed in the author's published unit history, The JG 26 War Diary, and fill most of the "claims gap" mentioned in that book. The microfilms end in December 1944, and so no 1945 claims are included; also, much of the microfilm is illegible, and several more claims cannot be read in sufficient detail to list. So the list is still incomplete; efforts to finish it will continue. Thanks are owed to Tony Wood, Russell Guest, and Don Pearson for their help in reading and interpreting the microfilms.

The table follows the format of those in the book. "Cl #" is the number of this claim in the pilot's own list; in the absence of an official Gruppe list, it is only the author's estimate. Where available, "Place" lists the co-ordinates on the Jägergradnetz, or fighter control map; the map for the Western theater has been published, but unfortunately the author is unaware of the existence of any map platting the USSR. "Conf?" denotes the status of the claim as noted on the microfilm. "Yes" means that the claim was definitely confirmed; "unk" (unknown) means that the final status of the claim cannot be determined from the microfilm.

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