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I am pleased to host Jim Perry's Database Files

A file of LW Aces compiled by Jim Perry. This is an ongoing project. Contact Jm Perry via Don Caldwell.  File is delimited text and should be readily importable to the application of your choice. Field names are in the first row.

LW Aces : Text file (352kb): Microsoft Access/Excel (541kb)

Here are Jim's claims files including Spanish Civil War. These are based primarily on Tony's great work, but have a lot of additions and corrections. Also, rather than being word processor files these are text-delimited files that can be uploaded to the db/spreadsheet application of choice. MS Access does export date fields with the time attached. To get rid of the time portion of this field you may have to fiddle around with your date/time settings depending upon system and application. My system date format is set as dd-MMM-yy in Windows Control Panel and the the dates work just fine. Note that the East and West files contain over 30K records apiece and, since all three files are defined the same, one could actually load all 3 into a single db file.

Spanish Civil War (42kb): Claims East (4911kb): Claims West (4318kb)

Please advise any problem with site or files to me - lesowensawyer(at)gmail.com

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Allied Combats & Casualties
These lists are my interpretations of "Allied Combats & Casualties" which were taken from the official RAF Fighter Command records held at PRO/Kew. The Lists or Tables give every Mission flown by Fighter Command, and later USAAF Fighter Command, from the end of the Battle of Britain [1.11.40] to the eve of the Invasion of Normandy [5.6.44] at present.

These lists may look a little daunting to read, but many of the terms are oldies like MIA for Missing in Action, WIA for Wounded in Action. Losses are in RAF Categories like Cat.3 = Lost/Destroyed in total, Cat.2 = major repair at a Maintentance Unit/Factory, Cat.1 = minor repair. The Tables show three lines on average. 1. Mission Line, 2. The Loss Line and 3. The Claims Line.

The first list covers November - December 1940, which as you will see have many claims lines un-filled, because I have not the time at present, but I feel that people may wish to "join in" and submit answers to some of those lines. If you could assist in this, please contact Tony (note he has been uncontactable for some years, this is the last email address I have for him). contact

R.A.F and U.S. Fighter Commands

:: RAF Fighter Command. Jan - Dec 1942 (note, pdf not available yet)


:: RAF Fighter Command. Nov - Dec 1940. Issue 1


:: RAF Fighter Command. 1st Jan - 31st Dec 1941. Issue 30/7/04


:: RAF & US Fighter Commands - with annotated text. Issue I 1943


Headquarters U.S. VIIIth Fighter Command Narratives of Operations (with overlay maps)

:: Intelligence Summary #150 : 1st April 1944


:: Intelligence Summary #151 : 5th April 1944


:: Intelligence Summary #153 : 8th April 1944


:: Intelligence Summary #154 : 9th April 1944


:: Intelligence Summary #172 : 30th April 1944 *


:: Intelligence Summary #189 : 21st May 1944 *


:: Intelligence Summary #190 : 22nd May 1944 *


* No overlay map included

Air Intelligence 2 (g) : Inspection of Crashed or Captured Enemy Aircraft 

:: Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6/U2


:: Report No. 8 / 151: Junkers Ju 88 G-1 Night Fighter


O.K.L. Fighter Claims : Chef für Ausz. und Dizsiplin Luftwaffen-Personalamt L.P. (A) V Films & Supplementary Claims from Lists

:: West 1939-41, Issue 1
These new claims gives all save the MEDITERRANEAN & RUSSIA to the end of 1941. I say ALL because that is all we have at present. There is no new stuff of the ZGs, NJGs and the SGs so far.


:: Poland 1939 and Reich & Western Front 1939-1940


:: Reich & Western Front 1941. Vol I


:: Reich & Western Front 1941. Vol II


:: Reich & Western Front 1942. Vol III


:: Reich & Western Front 1943. Vol IV


:: Reich, West and Südfront, Jan to Apr 1944. Vol. I


:: Reich, West and Südfront, May to Jul 1944. Vol. I


:: Reich, West and Südfront, Aug to Dec 1944. Vol. I


:: Mediterranean & Southern Front 1941-1942. Vol. I


:: Mediterranean & Southern Front 1943. Vol II


:: Eastern Front Vol 1. 1941


:: Eastern Front Vol 2. Jan to Jul 1942


:: Eastern Front Vol 2. Aug to Dec 1942


:: Eastern Front Vol 2. Jan to Jun 1943


:: Eastern Front Vol 2. Jul to Dec 1943


:: Eastern Front Vol 4. 1944. Jan - Jun, Issue 1


:: Eastern Front Vol 4. 1944. Jul - Dec, Issue 1


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