This new book, co-authored by Robert Michulec and Don Caldwell, is a compact biography of the best-known member of not only JG 26, but the entire Luftwaffe. The fame of Adolf Galland rests not only on his skill as a fighter pilot—he was one of only a handful of pilots to claim more than 100 victories against the Western Allies—but on his skills as a combat commander and his successes and failures as General of the entire German fighter force, a position that he held for three full years. His combat career, from the Condor Legion in Spain through his outstanding success in JG 26 to his final, futile command of JV 44, the “jet unit of the aces”, at the end of World War II, is covered fully with data tables, color paintings and profiles, and photographs. One unique feature is a list of every Bf 109E that Galland flew.

Equal attention is given to his career after he left JG 26 to become General of the Fighter Arm, where his responsibilities were much more significant for Germany’s air war than his combat prowess, as outstanding as that was. The book contains a list of these duties, prepared by Galland during his post-war captivity and supplied to the authors from his files. The authors then present their evaluation of his success in his job, based on modern historical research. His battles with Hitler and Göring over the strength, disposition, and honor of his fighter force, which ultimately cost him his job, are well known from his classic memoir, The First and the Last, but his duties covered much more than is generally recognized.

Another highlight of the book is an interview conducted in Galland’s home in 1991. It is unique in being published with a bare minimum of editing to give the reader a feel for the interviewer’s task—not all questions are answered.

The book is one of Mushroom Model Publications’ “Blue Series”. It is an 88-page softback on heavy, coated paper for best reproduction of the profiles (all new) and photographs (many new or unusual).