Written in England, 1945-46

 1. Inspection of the operational and training units by the General and his inspectors.

2. Direct, unhindered liaison between the operational units and the upper leadership.

3. Evaluation of tactical and technical experiences of the operational units.

4. Preparation of Tactical Regulations for all missions and fronts.

5. Supervision of new personnel and new equipment in liaison with the Quartermaster General.

6. Proposals for the organization of systems for fighter control.

7. Proposals for the organization of new operational units.

8. Recommendations of personnel to fill all leadership positions in the Fighter Arm.

9. Supervision of training, especially operational training.

10. Control over assignment of replacements.

11. Recommendations for allocation of replacement aircraft (aircraft allotment plans and re-equipment plans).

12. Technical and tactical evaluation of new armament and equipment for day fighters, night fighters, and Zerstoerer.

13. Recommendations for the development of the air reporting service, the ground control organization, and communications equipment.

14. Evaluation of operational experience with communications equipment, in cooperation with the General Nachrichtenfuehrer [Gen. Martini].

15. Scheduling and supervision of unit training.

16. Maintenance of a card index of all flying personnel in day and night fighters.

17. Recommendations for awards of the Ritterkreuz.

18. Direct supply of the Fighter Arm with published regulations and instructional material.

19. Direct supply of the Fighter Arm with new or delayed equipment.

20. Advice to the upper leadership on all matters concerning day and night fighters.

21. Cooperation in topical matters with the Chef T.L.R., Ruestungs Stab [Speer]; Chef der personellen Ruestung; General der Fliegerausbildung [Gen. von Massow]; Kommando der Erprobungsstellen, etc.

22. Special duties assigned from time to time; e.g., the Channel breakthrough of the battleships, fighter control in Sicily, the evaluation of tactics for the RVT, formation of the fighter reserve, etc.

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